Oh dear, leaky leaky drippy drippy

Oh dear, leaky leaky drippy drippy

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Getting home today I noticed a two nasty big wet patches under the car from where it’s been parked exactly twice. Can’t see anything dripping atm though but checking fluids around the engine the windscreen and headlight levels seem to be about two thirds empty. We’ve had to use them a few times last weekend, but I’d be surprised if I’d have used that much.



Other than this, still very happy with the purchase so far. We’ve done the recommended first 600 off the motorways on A and B roads, driving normally but not just cruising along close to the limit. Recommended to help bed in the ECU I believe… SatNav hasn’t gone screwy again, liking the Infotainment, especially the twiddly knob – very easy to use on the move and the layout of all the screens makes perfect sense – though some things do seem to have been lost in Japanese-English translation.

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