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Total eclipse of the moon

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Having waited ’til almost 4am have you ever wished you had a better camera? 🙂 Stunning glowing ember to the naked eye, bit of an unimpressive slightly red blob on camera. Nvm.

Oooh, and we got our 999…

…and the first appearance of the fourth digit…

Firmware versions

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What’s the difference between/significance of the OS and FailSafe versions? I’m wondering, when they did a factory reset following satnav problems, have I been downgraded from the FailSafe to the OS (counter intuitive comment I know).

Fat bottomed girls they make the rocking world go round!

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888 miles in and we’re loving the new 3. The infotainment system is working flawlessly with my Blackberry passport; media and Spotify (Android sideload) play and navigate fine, Aha & Stitcher (again Android sideload) integrate flawlessly, as do incoming email and SMS notifications. The only problems that the Vodafone network’s a bit crap; not like it used to be but that’s not exactly Mazda’s fault!

The sat nav hasn’t played up again after the minor disaster on our second day in the car, and fingers crossed that continues!

I’ve been lucky enough to track down a fellow 3 owner – actually theirs we suspect came in on the Progress Ace too – who’s had the accessory fit of the reversing camera done. With video proof that the integration with the system is actually pretty good; including a box overlay and display of the parking sensors then I’m on the verge of booking it in. Along with the autofolding wing mirrors because, not having had folding mirrors on our previous car I’ve found I’m just not in the habit of folding them in – but the latter’s an indulgence. The parking sensors have done a very admirable job of getting me in and out of tighter reverse parking spaces that I otherwise would have skipped, but a picture speaks a thousand words and I’d simply be happier – as I always knew I would be – with a camera. Still pending confirmation from the dealer that the camera installed would be per the video I’ve acquired before I part with my hard earned cash, but I think it’ll come…

Nothing to see here!

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The good folks at assure me that the leak is almost certainly just condensation from the air conditioning unit; nothing to worry about.


As the suspected, today the leak from last night had totally dried up without a trace, so it’s not oil or fuel etc. Could still be the washer liquid, but I’ll keep an eye on it and see if it’s just the aircon as suspected.

Oh dear, leaky leaky drippy drippy

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Getting home today I noticed a two nasty big wet patches under the car from where it’s been parked exactly twice. Can’t see anything dripping atm though but checking fluids around the engine the windscreen and headlight levels seem to be about two thirds empty. We’ve had to use them a few times last weekend, but I’d be surprised if I’d have used that much.



Other than this, still very happy with the purchase so far. We’ve done the recommended first 600 off the motorways on A and B roads, driving normally but not just cruising along close to the limit. Recommended to help bed in the ECU I believe… SatNav hasn’t gone screwy again, liking the Infotainment, especially the twiddly knob – very easy to use on the move and the layout of all the screens makes perfect sense – though some things do seem to have been lost in Japanese-English translation.

The End Is Nigh!!!

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Woe unto you who do not scruple to say in irony, “We desire the day of the Lord”, For what purpose will it be to you?


…but this is the real goal of the weekend

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B4520. There’s plenty more still to do but we’ll be back another day, don’t worry – after the run in’s done and I can push up to the “speed limit” 🙂

On the search for fun roads and backdrops

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We had a bit of a detour due to a technical hitch with the SatNav requiring a dealer fix, but SatNav reset and functional again we’re on the hunt for the B4520.

Can’t help stopping for some stunning Brecon Beacons scenery 🙂

Unfortunately the locals don’t like all these tourists coming to tear up their countryside and staged a road block protest…