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SatNav woes

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On the second day with the car we had to take an emergency detour to visit a dealer because the SatNav went nuts. Resetting to Factory Defaults seemed to clear the problem, and all had been fine since. Recently it had threatened to go nuts again, but until Sunday night just past it had recovered before getting too confused. Now it’s gone completely mad again. I’ve uploaded a video of it going nuts; at the very start we approach a roundabout but get caught at the lights but you can already see the SatNav thinks we’re stopped in the middle of the roundabout – we clearly weren’t! The fun really starts about a minute in to the video when the lights change and we take the first exit straight onto the A12; not the long slip road running alongside the A12, nor any of the side streets indicated. Thereafter for the rest of the video we’re actually just on the A12 heading south – certainly not what the SatNav seemed to think. Wasn’t the end of the world as having completed the unfamiliar back-street portion of our trip we didn’t need the SatNav anymore; but doesn’t change the fact that clearly the SatNav as it stands simply isn’t fit for purpose.

What do you think? Fit for purpose?