I hate Pauline!!!

I hate Pauline!!!

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So I bum around all day thinking if the Progress is still here maybe she’s not decanted her Mazda load yet.


…and even though I wait patiently…


…the biggest reward I get is a moo from the cows; and a distinctly “What sort of a nut case is this guy” look from at least half of them…


Not a decanting Mazda in sight all day. Security turns up, locks all the gates I presume for the day so I pack up and make my way home. Moderately peeved that;
1. I missed the sunrise photoshot opportunity.
2. Fat ass Pauline turned up.
3. I didn’t find a good black 3 Sport trim candidate.
4. I must have missed the decant in the very wee hours of Sunday before [the sun came up] and I arrived.


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