Approaching Singapore

Approaching Singapore

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Running a bit late Progress Ace finally appears in range of Singapore where she’ll dock I guess to take on fuel and supplies. According to the predeclared schedule she was due in port 24 Jul 15 02:00, then depart again on the 24 Jul 15 14:00. To be fair when she left Nakanoseki she already declared an ETA a day behind schedule due Singapore 25 Jul 08:00 UTC, which has now been updated to 15:30 UTC that she’s back in range. I’m sure they build some contingency time in to the schedule and I hope they make up some of the time as this is torture waiting 🙂


I can imagine Singapore’s a cool place to spend your Saturday evening, but I hope the crew don’t get too carried away! Precious cargo on board – and we don’t want a repeat of either the Cougar Ace or Baltic Ace!

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