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Oh dear, leaky leaky drippy drippy

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Getting home today I noticed a two nasty big wet patches under the car from where it’s been parked exactly twice. Can’t see anything dripping atm though but checking fluids around the engine the windscreen and headlight levels seem to be about two thirds empty. We’ve had to use them a few times last weekend, but I’d be surprised if I’d have used that much.



Other than this, still very happy with the purchase so far. We’ve done the recommended first 600 off the motorways on A and B roads, driving normally but not just cruising along close to the limit. Recommended to help bed in the ECU I believe… SatNav hasn’t gone screwy again, liking the Infotainment, especially the twiddly knob – very easy to use on the move and the layout of all the screens makes perfect sense – though some things do seem to have been lost in Japanese-English translation.

The End Is Nigh!!!

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Woe unto you who do not scruple to say in irony, “We desire the day of the Lord”, For what purpose will it be to you?


…but this is the real goal of the weekend

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B4520. There’s plenty more still to do but we’ll be back another day, don’t worry – after the run in’s done and I can push up to the “speed limit” 🙂

On the search for fun roads and backdrops

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We had a bit of a detour due to a technical hitch with the SatNav requiring a dealer fix, but SatNav reset and functional again we’re on the hunt for the B4520.

Can’t help stopping for some stunning Brecon Beacons scenery 🙂

Unfortunately the locals don’t like all these tourists coming to tear up their countryside and staged a road block protest…


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Before signing we took an accompanied test drive with the dealer, just to be sure there weren’t any rattles, odd engine noises or brake issues. Thankfully all was good, but we were so preoccupied we missed the first double digit so no Desmond but we did get…
Missed the 88; was around a set of very busy junctions and was distracted and missed it. Nvm…

…and the first triple digit…

Eat your heart out StevenRB45 🙂

The inspection!

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So it’s here at last!!!!

…but despite really wanting to just jump into it and go there is a lot of money being spent here, so a little time being thorough could pay off. Better safe than sorry the inspection begins.
Four pages of checks to go through and thankfully we’re not disappointed. The only two things needing resolved were due to lack of care on the Autoglym Shield finish. Noted, not enough to stop us completing on the paperwork. Mazda’s done a good job all around. The only niggle that came close to being too much was alignment of the front and rear passengers door, but hopefully it won’t drift so I signed.
Ooh, and last thing to note… 15 miles on the clock when delivered. Can’t complain about that!

Sat Nav crash

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So we’d only had the car 24 hours before we needed to make a semi-emergency call in to the nearest dealer. 200 miles from home, not recommended to be motorway cruising we were looking at an A road mangle without working SatNav. Earlier after stopping for petrol, when we headed off the sat nav couldn’t work out the direction we were going and would randomly jump around roads within a few dozen meters of our location, placing the car in the middle of nowhere and constantly rerouting. Not very helpful.


Fortunately Jamal at Newport Mazda got us working again by factory resetting the whole infotainment unit. Ok, we had to resync phones but at least we got home with fewer arguments over dodgy directions…

Tomorrow never comes…

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…but Saturday 12th September 2015 is today’s tomorrow, and that’s the day 🙂 It’s been a long time, but it’s almost here. I just hope all is well with the car when we go to check it over!

Back once again…

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So back from a weeks holiday in Portugal that delayed collection of the new 3. Can’t wait til Saturday when we’ll be picking her up. Unfortunately the weather’s looking a bit crap for the weekend otherwise for sure we’d take a weekend run away. Hmm, maybe we still will 🙂

It’s been interesting to notice how much more popular Mazda’s of all ilks seem to be in around Lisbon. I don’t think we ever left the hotel without seeing one somewhere. It did help that there was a 2 parked on and off right outside the door of our hotel…


In just 5 days I counted at least 2 gen 3 3 hatches, at least 1 gen 3 3 fastback; possibly a few more but unconfirmed for one reason or another… but we also saw lots of growling 6’s and several 2’s. We also saw a straight 5 and a CX-5. Have still only seen one Gen 3 3 in the UK since we first started looking. Hmm… why?