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Then we dock…

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here. Close enough. I’m off to bed or I’ll be falling asleep at my desk tomorrow.


An hour to traverse the dock…

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Man I should have been off to bed for my 16 to go sleep some time ago, but I’ve been refreshing to find out which dock she goes to. Goodness knows why I care, but I’m OCD like this. Took an hour to get through the dock and now we go to…


Mutiny on the Progress Ace!!!

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So the detour took us all the way in to Cherbourg, but we never stopped. Came close to a little tug, the Smit Beluga, that came out of Cherbourg then turned and headed off full steam on course again. Curiouser and curiouser! Mutineer thrown overboard? 20kg of cocaine passed to the Smit Beluga? Costa Concordia-esque sail by? Hmm.


21.2knots Woot!

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So on my regular checkup I noticed a sharp course direction avoiding a little red arrow (under the balloon) going half the speed of the Progress ace, then double glanced the speed of the Progress. 20.9. During the course of taking the screenie and uploading it for posting I looked again and 21.2 knots! Woot! If only she’d gone that speed the whole time… How do knots work anyhow; with a current behind you do you speed up or is it relative to the water? I would have thought the latter?



Back in range off Britanny

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As predicted the wait wasn’t too long to be picked up again. Disappointment for the day’s been an update of the scheduled arrival at Sheerness – it’s been pushed back to the morning of Monday the 24th.


Once more into the fray

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For hopefully the last time as we cross the mouth of the Bay of Biscay we’ve lost the AIS signal, but we should be back online before the day’s out so not too frustrating… It’s been a long wait but it’s really starting to feel like we’re approaching the home run… levels of anticipation starting to rise 🙂


There’s Lisbon on the starboard, Jim

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In a couple of weeks time my wife, who’s of Portuguese descent, and I are off to Lisbon for a wedding; and there’s the Progress Ace just off the coast as I write. If there’s any delays and we don’t get the car on the 1st then it’s likely that we’ll have to wait till after we’re back from the wedding – but here’s hoping it doesn’t come to that! Speed on Captain; 18 knots full steam ahead 🙂


Full speed ahead

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So we’re through the Gibraltar Straits and steaming full speed again topping 18 knots around the southern tip of Portugal now.